Redundancy and restructuring

Redundancy and restructuring advice for Employers.

In the economic climate of unrest and instability, many employers face the tough challenge of restructuring their businesses professional environment. Making employees redundant is a difficult task and countless rules and requirements are in place to secure the consideration to which employees are entitled. We counsel employers and employees and we have a vested interest in making sure restructuring and redundancy proceedings are tackled both fairly and efficiently. By adhering to such guidelines, this helps to settle redundancy issues before they have the chance to develop into possible claims.

Steps to undertake in cases of redundancy

Employers wishing to restructure their business must ensure that they follow a fair procedure before rendering employees redundant, so as to avoid possible claims. This includes:

  • Reasonably notifying the employees of the redundancy scheme so that they can look for training or for another job,
  • Fairly select the employees subject to redundancy, for instance seek applicants for voluntary redundancy of early retirement,
  • Make sure that redundancy is the better option for the business. For instance, stop using casual labour, restrict recruitment, reduce overtime, fill existing vacancies with existing employees,
  • If possible, offer an alternative job to redundant employees,
  • Consult your employees before making them redundant, either individually or collectively,
  • Pay the eligible employees a redundancy pay to avoid contentious claims before an employment tribunal.

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