Your business can have its very own, professional legal adviser as well as a barrister's and employment solicitor's experience just an email or phone call away by subscribing either monthly or annually. All of the clients who sign up to our support service will get an extremely competitive quote that we will have assessed individually to cater for your unique business needs. Our fee will vary depending on your employee numbers along with the number of Employment Tribunal Claims made against you in the last 3 years. We recognise that the needs of your business can change so Employment Lawyer in London give you the option of cancelling at any time with no minimum sign up period.

Employment legal advice that we provide under the Retainer can either be in person or via the telephone with the added benefit of dealing with a local London firm that has an excellent reputation and personal knowledge of your business. We offer far more specific employment advice than that given by HR companies where staff are not always legally qualified to provide advice. Moreover, we will still provide advice even if you have not followed the correct procedures which is in contrast to many HR and insurance companies who only provide employer's with legal advice on ‘their terms’.

We can review all of your current practices, making you aware of recent changes in the law and giving you the reassurance and support you need with the knowledge that you will not receive a bill at the end of the month for an unknown amount.

What is covered?

  • Access to a barrister or employment solicitor who specialises in employment law during normal business hours, by email, phone or in writing 
  • Employmnent law advice and advice on any related HR enquiries by email, phone or in writing 
  • Solicitor or barrister advice regarding workplace disputes, up to the issue of proceedings and offering a compromise agreement
  • Solicitor or barrister advice on restrictive covenants, right up to the issue of proceedings
  • A free, initial audit of your documentation regarding employment law including:
    Employment Contracts
    Policies & Procedures
    Director Service Agreements
  • You will benefit from a combined hourly rate for employment law advice and work that falls outside of the retainer

As part of our service, Employment Lawyer in London feel it imperative to learn about our clients and their specific businesses. Our competent team will evaluate your policies and practices to make sure that whenever you require help, we’ can place your concerns into context within the setting of your business. We will liaise with your HR departments or Hiring Managers to cover off and update them on the “Dos and Don’ts” of hiring, firing and training.

Receiving personalised and professional employment legal advice offers countless benefits. We foster excellent relationships with our clients, gaining knowledge about a clients’ history and we are better prepared to handle any problems or issues when compared to a recently hired counsel possessing no previous knowledge of the specific workings of your business. With a comprehensive understanding of both your company and your employment history, any issues that arise will be dealt with promptly and successfully. Moreover, we can evade such issues and their associated financial burdens by supplying you with a reliable and continuous source of individual employment legal advice over a long period of time.

If you regularly require legal employment advice, contact us at Employment Lawyer in London to discuss our retainer service.

24/7 legal advice and support

Real World Retainer Client Example

Erik* has been a business owner for a long time and he has habitually sought generic employment legal advice from call centres. He has more recently felt frustrated with such companies because the advisers struggle to fully understand his queries and they seem unable to relate his questions specifically to his business. He is fed up of disclosing the same information over and over again about his business – each time he calls them, he talks to a different representative who has no knowledge of him or his business's history. In this situation, Employment Lawyer in London would tailor the employment legal advice to Erik’s personal circumstances. Erik would have a personal adviser who would cater for his individual needs adopting an extensive perspective of Erik’s business history to ensure that he receives the right support at a very cost-effective rate.

*”Real World Examples” use fictitious characters in hypothetical legal situations unrelated to previous cases taken on by Employment Lawyer in London.