An employment tribunal proceeding can be profoundly frustrating for employers; they are lengthy, expensive and they sometimes tarnish a business’s public image. With many years experience in advising both employers and employees, Employment Lawyers in London can provide expert counsel on the procedures to follow after getting a claim from one of your employee's. Each case that appears before a Tribunal is unique; to reach a positive outcome, you must possess an exact understanding of the particular facts being presented and the required legal steps.

What is an ET3?

The employer’s response to the ET1 (a claim sent onto an employment tribunal office) is the ET3. Being one of the first documents that a tribunal panel reads, it is crucial that it is carefully completed and that is summarises your case properly. We are able to use our experience with a vast number of employment cases to get your ET3 form completed properly and ensure that your case is presented in the best possible way.

Each case we take on is assessed individually and we take extreme pride in getting a full understanding of every aspect of your business before we represent it. We have listed below, 7 ways that we could help a business owner facing a claim. We could help you with just 1 step if you decided to represent yourself or we could take on the whole process to increase your chances of success.

If an ET1 has been filed against you, you have 28 days from the claim date to send your ET3 response to the employment tribunal. Within 24 hours, our employment solicitors/law experts could begin working on your case and they would put their complete focus and attention on your situation.

What can you do to help me?

An important factor to consider is that there is a strict 28 day time limit to return your ET3 form to the employment tribunal office and we take into account that you will still have many other pressures on your time. Therefore if you instruct our employment solicitor/law experts to assist, we will determine the strengths of your case, gather and present a strong defense in the ET3 form and start preparations and comprehensive plans to defend your case to protect the interests of you and your business, all with the minimum burden upon your time.

  1. We commence by planning your defence – A defence should communicate a clear picture of exactly why you feel the claim should be rejected. The situation must be carefully analysed, ensuring that the case is formed with the utmost attention-to-detail.
  2. Complete a draft of your case – Get an understanding of why you are resisting the claim. Supply credible reasons explaining why you are in disagreement with the claim – these reasons must stand under the scrutiny of a tribunal hearing. 
  3. ET3 form completion. 
  4. Get an insight into your employee’s case – With extensive experience of completing tribunal cases for employees, Employment Lawyer in London have a full understanding of how employees form their cases and we are able to use such knowledge and information to help you with your defence. 
  5. Pass on employment law knowledge to you – In order to form a perfectly valid case, it is necessary for you to gain an understanding of employment law. We can transfer our vast knowledge to you and assess the legality of the actions taken by both the employer and employee. 
  6. Offer you the best chances of success – Intensive research, full attention-to-detail, an accurately completed ET3 and a thoroughly planned case will give you the best possible chance of defending the tribunal claim successfully. 
  7. We will take responsibility for you – Even if you are already in the process of defending the case but now realise that you require professional assistance, Employment Lawyers in London will absolutely take on your case to offer you the best chances of success. 
If you require help with an Employment Tribunal issue, please contact us for advice without delay.

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