Drafting Employment Contract, Policies & Handbooks

There are many errors and misunderstandings made in respect to employment contracts which can often mean employers are faced with complications. The Employment Lawyer in London provides both support and advice to ensure you and your business will not fall into any of the common traps.

A Statement of Particulars is among one of the first things that should should be issued to a newly appointed employee. This is a document containing essential information from the employment contract.

With our expert advice, we will cover what detailed information the Statement of Particulars should include and how it is best to provide it, along with dispelling any myths you may have surrounding employment contracts and helping you to manage employment.

You can order the contracts of employment from us which not only cover the basics, they include some comprehensive clauses which give employers the highest level of protection against any unforeseeable incidents that occur. Guidance notes accompany our contracts to give employers a full understanding of what the terms imply with ways of managing and dealing with any contract changes that could take place in the future. In our professional experience, we have seen hundreds, even thousands of contracts. We have witnessed many cases held at the Employment Tribunal where decisions have been made based on the details in the contract of employment. We are fully aware of how vital it is for the contract of employment to be both thorough and protective.

If you require any help with legal contracts of employment,  handbooks or policies, please contact us.

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