As well as being a representative for employees, at Employment Lawyer in London I also offer employment legal advice to employers. Employers have the option of hiring me as a representative or  can hire me on retainer services. I charge a flat rate for both representation and retainer services, which in turn ensures you can call and ask me any legal questions that arise regarding your case or company, without having any extra charges. 

I am fully aware that when employers are running a business, they come across legal questions on a day-to-day basis. Can I afford to let one of my employees go on maternity leave? How do I ensure that my employees will not sell on my trade secrets? What do I do if my employee has put in a claim for overtime that he did not work? On a retainer service, an annual or monthly fee is paid (depending on your company size) and you can then feel free to come to me for any employment legal advice and support you require. Most of our retainer service clients utilise this service beyond employment (tax questions, document certification, immigration questions, trusts, wills, etc). Such an inclusive form of legal coverage is very beneficial as it enables me to serve an employer better in his/her respective company by cultivating a long-term relationship with them. Feel free to contact me with any of your legal queries and issues. A flat retainer fee will cover all of your legal questions with the reassurance that you will not be in receipt of a ‘surprise’ bill with additional charges made from extra calls or emails you have made.

Get total peace of mind from knowing that your business is fully compliant with the law and that the investment you have made in your business is safe from legal losses and litigation. A competitively priced legal umbrella is provided by me to facilitate the running of your company.

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