I have been made redundant:

Redundancy is classed as a form of dismissal. However redundancy is unlike dismissal in the sense that it means that the employee's job is now non-existent or the workforce has been reduced by the employer. The use of selection criteria by the employer is illegal, which include discriminating against any employees because of their gender, age, race, religion, belief, disability or sexual orientation.

What rights do I have regarding redundancy?

You do have certain redundancy rights; Employment Lawyer in London will examine your contract of employment to establish what rights you have as an employee. The law gives you the following entitlements:

  • Redundancy Notice; the length of the notice will be determined by the length of time you have been employed by the company;
  • Alternative employment offered, should there be a suitable position available;
  • The right to try out the new role prior to deciding whether you wish to take it or not. You are able to do a 4 week trial period should the terms and conditions differ in the replacement job 
  • Selected for redundancy in a fair and objective manner. A form of unfair dismissal is unfair redundancy selection
  • Entitlement to statutory redundancy pay should you have been working for your current employer for at least 2 years;
  • Time off work to allow for searching for a new job and organising training when faced with redundancy, should you have been working for your employer for the past 2 years.

If you have recently been made redundant and you do not have another job, depending on your circumstances you may have a claim for tax credits or social security benefits. The main benefit for working people looking for alternative employment is Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA). There is additional help with paying your rent with Housing Benefit, as well as assistance with paying your rates, school meals could be free for any children you have and free prescriptions.

If you are redundant or feel a threat of redundancy, contact us at Employment Lawyer in London for advice immediately.

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Real World Redundancy Example
Frederick* had been working for a company for 12 years when suddenly he received notification that recent cutbacks had removed his position within the company. Shocked, he questioned how after over 10 years of service to the business, they could deem him unnecessary. This unexpected dismissal left Frederick without financial reserves as well as him feeling at a loss without the security of his previous job. In this situation, Employment Lawyer in London would arrange a meeting with Frederick to go over the details of his dismissal and we would possibly start negotiations for statutory redundancy pay or an offer of an alternative position. Our Employment Solicitors in London would look over Frederick’s  contract of employment and execute his employee rights. Our team would also look to assist Frederick in determining his Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit or other social services eligibility.

*”Real World Examples” use fictitious characters in hypothetical legal situations unrelated to previous cases taken on by Employment Lawyer in London.