Here at our Employment Lawyer in London, I am able to cover more than just the Employment Law advice topics found along the navigation bar. I can advise you on any employment legal issue that presents itself as well as problems that arise outside of employment law.

My Fees (Free Legal Advice)

Funding your law case can be costly so to help with the burden, I try to do things in an inexpensive way. In most cases I offer free advice i.e employment. In some matters such as a civil litigation case I can assist you in the preparation, such as a defence or witness statement or assist throughout the case on a no win no fee. I will fully assess your case at the very start to see if you could qualify for this. Furthermore I charge an hourly rate which can be useful if you require help with a specific aspect of the case, for example a witness statement or a claim form. A fixed fee would be offered should we take on a task for you. I ensure that there are no surprises and you are briefed in advance so you are aware of the total cost of your case taken on by me.