I am able to cover more than just problems to work, such as raising a grievance.  I can advise you on any employment legal issue that presents itself as well as problems that arise outside of work but are work related.

Free Legal Advice

I work five days a week and will ensure that you wait no longer than 24 hours before receiving the advice you need. I take calls out of work hours as well as I am aware that some individuals work early in the morning and late in the evenings, I also make myself available to see clients on weekends where possible.

Funding your employment case can be a costly affair, so to support with the burden, I try to ensure that things are done in a cost effective manner. I offer free legal advice to individuals in the community and offer cost effective advice for businesses.

I can support and assist you with writing witness statements or drafting grievance and appeal letters. I can also offer representations at final hearing and appeals.