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I am an employment law specialist and give free advice on all employment matters. I operate from Ealing but can attend Tribunals all over the country. I graduated from the bar, and  was called to the bar in March 2007. I chose not to pursue a career as a barrister and instead worked for various law firms to cross qualify as a solicitor. I felt that this was not what I wanted to do and started lecturing at numerous Universities. During my time as a lecturer at Westminster University, I taught five subjects in law and was head of the Tax Law department. I have over 17 years’ experience both in practice and as a tutor of law. I am academically qualified. I currently teach law to students and create apps for the study of law. This has supported me in founding Employment Lawyer in London having the opportunity to offer free legal advice to individuals and cost effective advice to businesses.

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 Law for Employees

I cover more than just the topic of Employment Law visible in the navigation bar. I can offer advice and guidance on all employment issues with both employees. I work closely with all  my clients and ensure that I am able to dedicate my time to assess the needs of each individual client and their case. Many clients are vulnerable and many do not know what to do or how they should tackle issues that occur in the workplace, this is where I can help. A lot of my clients come to me with employment problems while they are still in employment. I can help draft grievance letters, grounds of appeal and generally guide them through the process with HR. If the employee decides to leave their employment I help with drafting the ET1 and Particulars of Claim. I also support clients prepare for trial as well as representing them at trial, i.e. cross examining witnesses, legal research and preparing written arguments as well as closing speeches. 

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 Law for Employers

Employers have the option of hiring me as their representative or on a retainer service. I offer a very competitive, fixed rate for both one-off cases and monthly and annual retainer services. Funding your case can be expensive. So I try and do things in a cost effective way to support with the burden. Moreover I charge on an hourly rate. My currently rate is set to £80 per hour. Time is charged the same for what ever task is being completed. This is useful if you need help with a certain aspect of your case, such as a ET3, Ground of Resistance, or witness statements or advocacy at the trial or preliminary hearing. If I handle the whole case for you then I will offer you a fixed fee. This puts you in the picture and you know exactly what your case will cost, with no surprises later on. I have a 100% success rate in getting results for employers.

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Employment Tribunal claims against employers

Employment Tribunal claims against employers

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Employment Tribunal cases against employers An employment tribunal proceeding can be profoundly frustrating for employers; they are lengthy, expensive and they sometimes tarnish a business’s public image. With many years of experience in advising both employers...
Redundancy and restructuring

Redundancy and restructuring

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Redundancy and restructuring advice for Employers. In the economic climate of unrest and instability, many employers face the tough challenge of restructuring their businesses professional environment. Making employees redundant is a difficult task and countless rules and requirements...


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